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Inspired by the charming nature, the blissful beauty of cherry blossoms with amusing chords of birds singing and serene water flowing, the exquisite idea about the utopia of life – PHU MY HUNG MIDTOWN – has been created and reached the highest position: THE PEAK.

Immersing into a living space where the hustle and bustle of urban living are tranquilly eliminated, The Peak brings residents an indulging and refined lifestyle beyond expectations. Enjoying the turquoise water at INFINITY POOL, playing with your children at KID’S ROOM, gifting yourselves relaxing moments at SPA or YOGA ROOM, experiencing utmost conveniences from your home’s doors to the city within walking distance, THE PEAK is the gateway opening up to privileged experiences and emotional memories.

The landscapes are even more exclusive with the mesmerizing GREEN CORRIDORS which are a combination of blissful Singapore Sakura in the first corridor – SAKURA PARK – and more than 100 species of plants in the second corridor – COURT YARD GREENERY. Different flowers bloom in different seasons, bringing the clearest sense of the movement of time. Alternatively, there are trees all year round, shading the whole area. Moreover, architects also use the technique called “green area displacement” to create a vertical corridor – ROOFTOP GARDENS – an ideal place for residents to relax amidst peaceful nature.

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